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mosimage.jpgKFG Industrial & Plant Construction


Our service to you, Quality ensures safety! 

    • Repairs, Maintenance, Inspections, Overhauling, Rerouting
    • Tank and container construction: vacuum sealed, stirring unit, storage, CIP, also: fermenters, mixing plants, batchers, etc...
    • Complete piping systems and armatures
    • Bending, cleanroom technologies, Feinrohr piping
    • Welded constructions
    • Manufacturing of specialized parts to provided specifications
    • Lathe and chamfer related engineering

Our factories and workshops in Cologne and Luxemburg also manufacture prefabrications at your leisure.


Orbital welding – Quality engineering for quality engineers: 

Orbital welding is the only joining technique that meets the high expectations raised by working in the sensitive areas of nuclear energy or the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. Our clients also benefit from our EN287.1 certified welders in these areas as well as other sectors: space, aeronautics, bioengineering, the list goes on and on.

A side note regarding the technique: It is based on the same Tungsten inert gas principle as regular hand welding. But in contrast to this technique it is partially mechanized. The path of the arc moves in a circular pattern around the pipe or object. Since this welding process is automated it is highly reproducible and has an incredibly low fault probability!

To accomplish this pulse technology combined with contemporary inverter technology. This and the CRC microprocessor technology make the control of the weld pool possible in any position.
We document all our welding seams at your discretion and also provide inspection documents with accordance to EN 10204. 

Specialty GMP/FDA pipes – not just clean – immaculate!

The demands towards pipe construction and apparatus construction in the highly sterile environments of the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry are great. Great care know-how and quality are of utmost importance. Our specialized department is well equipped to deal with even the toughest requirements regarding orbital welding and polished pipes/pipelines. This also includes any related certifications, documentation and final inspections. 


Would you like to know more?

Your direct point of contact

Martin Koch, CEO
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Fax: +49(0)65 64–93 00 81
Mobile: +49(0)160-552 61 77

…is happily awaiting your call.

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