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KFG Personnel Services


Interim Staffing - Quality ensures safety

Employer assignment or interim staffing is one of the few growth industries in Germany. Over the last 40 years and has become a significant economic factor.

The advantages of interim staffing for the client as an employer manifests in the flexibility over  the amount of staff that is currently employed This provides an easy and uncomplicated way of adjusting to fluctuations of the market due to seasonal, economic cycles or amount of current assignments. When it comes to material and personnel needs, it is becoming increasingly impossible for companies based in the producing and manufacturing sector to plan months or quarters ahead and stay competitive on an international scale at the same time. This is where the use of interim staff has a significant edge over other forms of employment.

The Koch Firmengruppe has realized this growing trend and made it their mission to provide highly qualified staff in various work sectors, for over 20 years now.

Key areas, we provide professionals for, include plumbing and pipeline engineering as well as plant construction in the industrial sectors of chemistry, petro chemistry and pharmaceutics.

For example we provide the following highly trained and certified professionals for interim staffing:     
Welders certified through the German Technical Control Board (TÜV)
(Certification EN 287 -1/2 or DIN EN ISO 15614.1: 2004)

Including the following welding techniques:
- 141 WIG

- 111/141 E-Hand / WIG (combined certificate)

- 136 MAG (cored wire)

- 135 MAG (wire)

- 131 MIG

- 111 E-Hand

- 311 Autogen (thermal cutting)

Material groups:

-W 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 8

- W22/23 (Aluminium)

- W45

- W51 (Titanium)

as well as

- Vertical-down, orbital, mirror-imaged/hot plate welding
- Welders certified by AD 2000 HP 3, EN 287-1

We also provide personnel with the following qualifications:

-- Pipe, engine, fixtures fitters
- Fitters/jig makers (ISO)
- Gauging / Foremen
- Inherent protection personnel (G26 III)
- Pump and hydraulics fitters
- Master craftsmen (Meister)
- Maintenance mechanics
- Turners and chamfers

Our employees are a key factor to our success.

We always customize our charge rates to your needs and the services provided. 


Would you like to know more?

Your direct point of contact 

Martin Koch, CEO
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +49(0)65 64–48 01 06
Mobile: +49(0)160-5526177

…is happily awaiting your call.

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